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The user interface has become the most important space where people and machines meet. During a few intimate moments of attention each time, this space is where most of your clients experience your brand — day by day, year after year.

At Aino we take pride in delivering the best possible experience within this intense timeframe – utilizing excessive attention to detail, responsiveness, reliability and emotional connections.

The Production Company

Aino is a digital production company since 2005. Our focus is always hovering around the interface — pushing boundaries to create pixel perfect experiences that involves the entire tech stack. Our team is flat, efficient and sometimes brutally honest. We encourage rational thinking, straight communication and iterative prototyping. We design, code and think at the same time (we are also hiring!)

The React Specialists

React has been our house framework for most of our productions since 2013. React lets us think clearly around what’s important, encourages iterative development and the project is backed and used by companies like Facebook, Instagram, AirBnB, Netflix, Dropbox etc.

We fertilize React with things like animations, server-side rendering, agnostic data layers, static deployments, multi-platform apps (IOS + Android + Web) and e-commerce.

The Recipe

Design + UI/UX + Frontend + Mobile first + React + Headless E-commerce + Native Apps + Accessibility (WCAG) + Node.js + GraphQL

For more information and enquiries, contact David at david@aino.com

Ongoing projects:

Nudie Jeans
nudiejeans.comShowcase video
E-commerce, digital branding, campaigns, business integrations

Native apps for a Swedish electric taxi startup (Android & iOS)

Forsman & Bodenfors
Brand & portfolio site, content management

Design, web production, content management, accessibility


Kungliga Biblioteket
tidningar.kb.se (2015)
sondera.kb.se (2009)
libris.kb.se (2007)

Göteborgs Konstmuseum
goteborgskonstmuseum.se (2017)

Sveriges Radio
Melodikryssfabriken (2013, Guldägget diplom)

ne.se (2009, Guldägget diplom)

artilleriet.se (2011)

sjoraddning.seKustväder (2010)