We are Aino — a dedicated team of digital specialists with a strong entrepreneurial heritage. We build smart technology solutions & interfaces for brands, people and machines.

At the intersection of precision technology and creative artistry, we create memorable digital experiences that triggers emotional touchpoints and converts users to followers.

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Serverless e-commerce with zero-latency UI embedded in rich brand expression.

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Nudie Jeans is a global jeans brand based in Gothenburg, Sweden. They consistently stay true to the brand and the product is made with organic materials and social responsibility.

Aino built a lightning fast PWA e-commerce on top of the Centra platform that perfectly blends brand and commerce. Loading times are eliminated and running costs are minimal thanks to Ensemble and our serverless infrastructure. This is probably the fastest e-commerce you have ever seen. But don’t take our word for it, try it out for yourself!

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Real-time native apps for an electric taxi startup in Stockholm.

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Bzzt offers a fast, cheap and emission-free way of traveling short distances in the cities. With the unique and straightforward price model of 4 öre per meter Bzzt changes the game of intra-city traveling. It is also the first taxi service in Sweden that is awarded with "Bra Miljöval", a Swedish ecolabel referred to as "Good Environmental Choice" in English.

Aino built native real-time apps uber-style where the customer can book and follow the ride directly in the app. We also designed and built an Android app with GPS telematics for drivers.

A digital transformation company.

A digital transformation company.

A digital transformation company.

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Our mission is to create a digitalized version of your business that perfectly represents your brand in every aspect.

In today’s digital landscape, we believe that the user interface has become the most important space where your clients experiences your brand. During a few intimate moments of attention each time, the interface needs to deliver a flawless representation as well as critical interaction points that your entire business depend upon.

At Aino we aim to deliver the best possible experience within this intense timeframe. Our core strength lies in a restless pursuit for perfection in every little detail, combined with industry-leading technology expertise and artistic creativity.

From our office in Sweden we solve complex challenges and orchestrate technology solutions that delivers world class interfaces for a wide range of clients, both locally and globally.

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A brief selection of past and present projects.

Nudie Jeanse-com + web2011-
Odd Mollye-com2019-
Majblommanapp + e-com + web2018-
Selected Brandse-com2019-
Forsman & Bodenforsweb2013-
Kungliga Biblioteketweb2007-2015
Gröna Gårdare-com2010-2014
Göteborgs Konstmuseumweb2017
Sveriges Radioweb2013

Get in touch.

Get in touch.

Get in touch.

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Currently accepting new business opportunities within retail/e-commerce, PWA or native apps.

Contact us for a demo of our serverless solutions that takes performance to the next level.

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David Hellsing

Victor Adolfsson
project manager