Working at Aino

The concept of work space is changing rapidly. Physical distance is the most obvious game changer since Covid 19, but there are more changes coming in the near horizon. Some of these practical changes will be initially uncomfortable, but they will also expose new metrics on how we evaluate our work.

Industrialization gave us the Assembly line and stamping clocks. The concept was simple: A group of people with similar skills should meet up in a building 5 days a week to serve an imaginary entity called Company™. Back then, nobody questioned the Company™. Just do what it tells you, don’t ask questions and be thankful – or unemployment awaits with shame, poverty and hunger.

Even if the hardware and motivational metrics has changed since then, the agency concept still remains roughly the same. What used to be "not poor" is now a fancy office, free snacks, crazy parties and a cool 200% yearly turnover that makes the CEO spend $50 on christmas gifts.

Covid 19 forced many of us to adapt new ways of working. The fancy office, the parties and snacks where no longer in the picture. And the christmas gift was not really all that. So what motivates us to serve the Company™ now and in the future?

Maybe you could start by asking some questions. Is your moral compass aligned with the company? Do you feel uncomfortable tension at work? Can you be yourself and feel safe? Is there a place where you can talk freely without judgement? Are you proud of the craftsmanship?

Aino was built by strong personalities and genuine talent. Working here means that you can be true to yourself, even on rainy days. Other companies might expect you to shape-shift into a fake professional as you enter the office space. This behaviour will quickly pollute the atmosphere and build harmful tension.

Pretending to be someone else is incredibly exhausting. Pretending to be motivated or productive is not very productive at all. Work should be inclusive, tolerant, fun and safe for you as yourself, not for someone you pretend to become. This is one of the most important motivational metrics here at Aino.

We never work with casinos, gambling or advertising aimed at children. Every year we donate money to local organizations that does the real work for our society – such as gender equality, LGBTQI+ rights, youth clubs etc. We do what we do best but they do the things that really matters.

If this sounds like a work space for you, we are always looking for talented developers, designers and interns. Visit our careers page for more information about our positions!

(P.S We also have a beautiful office, snacks and beer)

Thanks for your time, David

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