We’re hiring: S3ni0r D3v3l0p3r 👋🎩

Aino is looking for a senior developer to bring our company in the forefront for creating cutting edge digital products using React and React Native.

Must have:

Nice to have:

We offer a great office, competitive salary, benefits, flexibility and a great learning place for cutting edge technology.

Full time, starts asap.

Aino — The Interface Experts

Aino is a digital production company since 2011. Our focus is always hovering around the interface — pushing boundaries to create pixel perfect experiences that involves the entire tech stack. Our team is flat, efficient and sometimes brutally honest. We encourage rational thinking, straight communication and iterative prototyping. We design, code and think at the same time.

We have been using React for production since 2013, deploying various web & native apps for most of our clients. React lets us think clearly around what’s important and encourages iterative development. It has also become the framework of choice by Facebook, Instagram, AirBnB, Netflix, Dropbox etc. Besides React and React Native, our tech stack includes Node.js, Python, Django, Wordpress and 20+ years of experience.

For more information and enquiries, contact David at david@aino.com