Premium, AAA, Quality, World Class or whatever you call it.

This is what we aim for in every project. It may sound obvious, but it’s not. So how do we know what that is? To put it simple: because it is our job to know. We don’t need another awards site or a bias jury to tell us. We don’t want our faces in a glossy magazine. Instead we listen to hard data from the users and our collective minds to make continuous improvements. Because true quality is not a random thing that suddenly appears inside a genius mind. It takes hard work, constant refinements and true dedication to each pixel.

Dissatisfaction Guaranteed.

Nothing is perfect. No digital products are complete. The release-applause-awards cycle is not for us. Some agencies loves to take credit and drink champagne, but we stay in the back planning the next move to make the product even better. You might find us proud but never satisfied. This is who we are.

The Flip Side.

Is it possible to build a company around other metrics than made-up entities such as likes, growth or money? We believe so. At Aino we value people, craftsmanship and long term relationships more than numbers, awards or fame. It may sound like a cliche but it’s actually true — we are liberated from the endless hunt for acknowledgement and thumbsup, because we already know how good we are, right here in this moment. Our craft is our megaphone. This state of mind lets us focus on our task at hand and perform optimal results without distractions from the future.

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